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Stainless steel tank construction
for industrial customers

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Stainless steel container construction and stainless steel containers Silos have been a popular solution for industrial customers looking for a reliable and durable way to store and transport materials for many years. Stainless steel containers offer a variety of advantages over other materials, such as high corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and disinfection, and high strength and durability.

Especially in the chemical industry, stainless steel containers are often used due to their high resistance to aggressive chemicals. They are often used for the storage and transport of chemical substances, acids and alkalis. Due to their corrosion resistance, stainless steel containers can also be used in environments that are incompatible with other materials.

But stainless steel tanks are also used in other industries. For example, sieve water tanks are used in the mining industry to collect and treat the waste water from the screening process. Flotation tanks are used in mineral processing to separate minerals from other materials. Vats and water separators are used in the food industry to transport and store materials.

Stainless steel tank construction and stainless steel tank silos can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of the specific application. They can also be fitted with various equipment, such as measuring and control systems, closing and venting devices or heating and cooling devices.

If you are looking for a reliable and durable solution for storing or transporting materials, you should choose stainless steel tank construction and stainless steel tank silos. Contact an experienced manufacturer who can help you find the right solution for your requirements.