Tank Construction

Stainless Steel Containers

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Design, high-grade quality and cost effectiveness in tank construction are the objectives Edelstahl Jansen aims to achieve.

In Wassenberg, Edelstahl Jansen’s experts plan, construct and manufacture everything themselves, such as white water tanks, flotation tanks, vats, water separators or vent tanks specially in accordance with customers’ requirements. We build one-piece tanks that are suitable for road transport or pre-built tanks for later assembly at the building site with unit weights of up to 20 tonnes.

Surface finishing like sanding, pickling, glass bead blasting or electropolishing are also part of the product range. The common austenitic materials 1.4301/1.4307, 1.4541, 1.4571/1.4404 or duplex steels 1.4162, 1.4362, 1.4462 or high-alloyed austenitic steels like 1.4539 are applied in tank construction.

Further material qualities upon request.