Planning and Construction

In our engineering department, we plan according to your requirements or we develop something new according to your specifications, in order to achieve the best possible goal.

  • Construction / calculation of parts and components with a unit weight of up 20 tonnes
  • Construction and manufacture of parts with special shapes
  • Flowsheets and detailed engineering
  • Production drawings

Planning is the conceptual anticipation of action steps that are necessary to achieve a goal.

Production drawings in the construction of tanks, apparatus and pipelines are made by our employees in 2D / 3D with their expertise and many years of experience. Processing is done according to our general processing guidelines. Upon request, the customer’s company standards can also be taken into consideration.

Here you can find the general processing guidelines for stainless steel.


Our own vehicles and international transport and logistics companies make sure that your goods are delivered to you safely and as quickly as possible. We can fully take over for solutions concerning complex parts that have to be transported as large or heavy-lift freight.

We take care of the choice of forwarding agents and the entire transport equipment. For transport by air and by sea, we also provide special packaging, of course.


In order to improve the use, operating life and safety of your systems, Edelstahl Jansen offers you regular maintenance work upon request.

The regular maintenance of technical systems, devices, units and production facilities is to ensure that the functional condition is kept up or (in the worst case) repaired as quickly as possible when there is a failure. For this, we only use high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials.

The reconditioning of piping systems, rotors and screws, the hardfacing of wear edges as well as a new lining for the existing tanks are features of our core competence.

Vat lining

With a new construction, you almost always have all opportunities for the perfect realisation of your requirements. Why should you do without when working with existing vats?

Edelstahl Jansen is able to implement your concept on a one-to-one basis. Stainless steel is installed on the inside, fastened with dowels and not simply welded at the edges but with an overlapping finish. Nothing changes on the outside.

With modern technology, an existing system becomes state of the art, and efficiency and areas of application are much more enhanced. 

Quality management

Edelstahl Jansen’s QM system is the important indicator for the management of the company Edelstahl Jansen GmbH & Co. KG. The QM system makes the degree of satisfaction visible among all parties involved.

Continuous optimisation with regard to organisation and in-house structures as well as external interactions is the overall focus of our endeavours. The systematic training and instruction of all employees and the regular evaluation of our management system serve to eliminate sources of error, to increase motivation, make the possible potential for improvement visible and to help us to act according to the latest state of the art when realising projects.

Approvals and Certificates

The work of Edelstahl Jansen is monitored by the TÜV in all relevant approvals and certificates concerning the construction of pipelines and tanks:

  • AD-2000 Code HP0
  • Proof of suitability according to EN ISO 3834-3
  • Specialist company according to WHG