Specialists for stainless steel tank construction and pipeline construction for industrial customers

Tank Construction – Edelstahl Jansen

Tank Construction

In Wassenberg, Edelstahl Jansen’s experts plan, construct and manufacture everything themselves, such as white water tanks, flotation tanks, vats, water separators or vent tanks specially in accordance with customers’ requirements.

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Pressure Vessels – Edelstahl Jansen

Pressure vessels

Agitator tanks, process tanks, with or without jackets or half pipes, tube bundle heat exchangers or tank columns are classical examples of pressure vessels Edelstahl Jansen manufactures.

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Pipeline Construction – Edelstahl Jansen

Pipeline Construction

At Edelstahl Jansen, pipes are not just conduits. Spanning distances, channelling gases and liquids, connecting new and older parts of a building or simply ensuring the transport of an elaborately manufactured good are all things a good pipeline can do.

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Maintenance – Edelstahl Jansen


The regular maintenance of technical systems, devices, units and production facilities is to ensure that the functional condition is kept up or (in the worst case) repaired as quickly as possible when there is a failure.

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Vat Lining – Edelstahl Jansen

Vat lining

With modern technology, an existing system becomes state of the art, and efficiency and areas of application are much more enhanced.

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Engineering – Edelstahl Jansen

Machine engineering

At Edelstahl Jansen, we manufacture high-quality machine components according to your specifications. Many of our tailored machine components are used in the paper and cardboard industry.

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Series Manufacturing / Small Series – Edelstahl Jansen

Batch Production

Manway openings DN 600 and DN 800 for incorporation in tanks and silos, Opti-Clean closures, cleaner cones or cones made of sheet metal are some of the items that can be produced in small batch series.

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Commercial Products – Edelstahl Jansen

Commercial Products

We supply you with pipes and pipe accessories according to DIN ISO and pulp dimensions – from the smallest weld nipples for your pipeline to the manway for your tank. We permanently stock several thousands of items.

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3D Project Planning – Edelstahl Jansen

3D Project Planning

With the help of our drawing programmes, we are able to model process plants in 3D. The detailed representation in 3D ensures an optimal exchange with our customers. This is the basis for successful planning and implementation of complex projects.

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