Machine Engineering

Manufacture of
machine components

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At Edelstahl Jansen, we manufacture high-quality machine components according to your specifications. Many of our tailored machine components are used in the paper and cardboard industry in stock preparation. Typical areas of application for machine components from Edelstahl Jansen are for instance pulping, separation, framing parts, storage and cleaner cones.

Extract of Machinery:

DP2000 facing lathe
  • Max. Ø: 2000mm
  • Max. machining length: 1000mm
  • Machining weight: 3000kg
Bokö WF2 milling machine with rotary table
  • Travel (X axis): 1100mm
  • Travel (Y axis): 900mm
  • Travel (Z axis): 700mm
  • Machining weight: 9000kg
Meuser lathe
  • Centre height: 300mm (max. Ø700mm)
  • Distance between centres: 3500mm