Batch Production

Customised series production
of stainless steel silos and containers

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Manway openings DN 600 and DN 800 for incorporation in tanks and silos, Opti-Clean closures, cleaner cones or cones made of sheet metal are some of the items that can be produced in small batch series.

Do you already know about our “yiyantic” stock? 
You can find about 100,000 items here such as fittings, pipes, pipe accessories and our mass-produced articles on an area of over 800 sqm.

Edelstahl Jansen offers diversity rather than simplicity, many scopes for design rather than a stiff viewing angle – also in batch production. You can find solutions at Edelstahl Jansen in a joint dialogue with the responsible employees in the corresponding specialist field. Finally, not your installation should have to adapt to the possibilities of production but vice versa.